Mentorship Program

January and February 2019 (2 months)

Imagine having your own support team during the Season… dedicated Coaches experienced in goaltending, coaching and mentorship. Supporting the athlete both physically and mentally throughout the entire Season – That is what the GDI Mentorship Program is. The Program is designed for both goalies on the team to share in the cost. If you are on a team with only 1 goaltender there is a choice for you too.

– 5 GDI Attended Practices TOTAL
– 1 Game Review per goaltender
– Game Reviews used to tailor each goaltender’s development
– Initial mental skills assessment
– Game log sheets
– Mental training worksheets on topics such as:
– Goal setting
– Confidence building
– Focus and refocus
– Routines and pre-game preparation & more!

Email access to Sarah Murray for any questions regarding mental training over the course of the program
An individualized report nearing the end of the program based on all returned game logs


Sarah Murray – GDI Mental Training Consultant and UofC 4th Year BA Psychology and former UofC goaltender

Kevin Swanson – Owner and Lethbridge Hurricanes Goalie Coach
Keven Sajinovic – Lead Instructor and Junior Coach
Tyler Oswald – Lead Instructor and Midget AAA Coach
Caylin Relkoff – Lead Instructor and Former NCAA goaltender
Ravi Dattani – Lead Instructor and former Junior goaltender



In-Season Personal Development Program

October 2018 to End February 2018 (5 months)

A comprehensive on and off-ice training program for you to maximize both your in-season success and development for the future!!! Here are the features of this exclusive program:

– Initial assessment
– 20 Private Lessons
– Priority booking through the months of October 2018 – February 2019
– Personalized lesson plans
– Feedback Sheets and Performance Analysis From Each Lesson
– 3 Game Video Analysis during Season
– 6 Mental Training Sessions with topics to help you during the Season
– Mental Training Worksheets
– Off-Ice Training Booklet (stretching, hand-eye, nutrition, etc)
– Video for all sessions that is accessible for you to view/download/save videos 24/7

Only 8 Goalies Accepted to this exclusive program!

*Unused Sessions during the season can be used between March and June 2018.

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